Prose Review! Guest writer: Precyous Luster

This is a very exciting share for me!  I met Precyous during my freshman year of high school and a friendship developed right away!  I could share so many stories about the two of us navigating through life, but I will save that for another post!  Today, Precyous is an NYC-based writer and has a solid amount of published articles.  Her topics range from culture to beauty, and in my opinion, she has a true talent in storytelling.


I have been a co-creator with Prose hair care for a few months now.  I am personally LOVING the products and all of the positive feedback I have received.  Curly-hair girls are especially perfect Prose candidates, so I was excited to invite Precyous to give them a try.  With Precyous being such an amazing writer, I thought; Why not let her take over the blog for a Prose product review?!?

I shared the link, she completed the consultation, and within 2 weeks her custom products were in hand.  Here is what she had to say:

“I’ve been using a custom hair oil from Prose and I’m obsessed!

Hair oils are always on my radar. I’m always on the prowl doing research hoping to find the most beneficial oils for my hair concerns. Let’s be real, Castor oil and Coconut Oil are praised by naturalista’s but I haven’t had much luck. My hair is naturally curly, very fine, and super dry. Although I currently have no chemical treatment, the heat damage has affected the texture of my curly mane. Using Prose products was my first experience customizing an oil specifically for my tresses. What’s the difference? Everything. The consultation at was a series of specific questions regarding my hair and scalp. The questions ranged from the texture of my hair air dried, strand thickness, chemical and heat processing, as well as diet. Prose takes careful consideration of numerous elements for the best results.

A cool feature the consultation asks for is your zip code. This breaks down UV Rays, pollution, water hardness and humidity. These are key factors taken into consideration to maintain healthy hair. Although I live in NYC, I am staying in Cali for the summer, therefore I used a San Diego zip code for the most effective ingredients.

Hair and scalp characteristics are broken down on a scale of 0-100. Here are my results:

Sensitivity 71/100             Dryness 65/100

Sebum 5/100                        Damage 24/100

Based on my consultation results I received a detailed overview of the natural active ingredients Prose chose for me. My absolute favorite part was reading what these specific oils do for my hair and scalp. My custom hair oil blend consists of Shea Oil, Rosehip Oil, Pequi Oil, Siberian Pine Nut Oil, Sacha Inchi Oil, and Cucumber Oil. The origin in which each oil is found is also on my blend sheet. These little details are essential for me. As a product junky, the more information the better. This concoction added moisture, shine, repair, and improved my hair health overall. I received two oil routine recommendations based on how I’d like to use it. My custom Prose Hair Oil can be used as a reparative treatment and for styling. I’m currently using it both ways and my hair is thanking me.


Ever since I started using my Prose Hair Oil I’ve been getting nonstop compliments on how great my hair looks. The most exciting part is I noticed my hair improve instantly. It’s helped restore my heat-damaged hair and made styling more manageable. My hair doesn’t look greasy and it smells amazing. I prefer this oil compared to others I’ve tried because my Prose Hair Oil is results driven.

My oil was formulated in the NYC lab and arrived flawless. The packaging is sleek and simple. Nothing screams customized more than having your name on your Prose products. I was notified via email when my products left the lab officially in route to my home. I was opening my package within 7 days. Prose products are freshly made each order, and a recommended date of use is stated as well. I’m beyond impressed with my Prose Hair Oil and the process that’s used to customize to perfection.”

I want to give a major thank you to Precyous for this review, I am so happy you are loving your goods!  If you are interested in custom haircare, shoot me a message and we can chat!  You can also explore the experience via my “Custom Hair Care” tab or just click here!

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 4.35.36 PM



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