Custom Hair Care

Today, hair care innovation has never been more impressive as brands evolve and new products are introduced every time I log into instagram.  Even as a stylist, I can sometimes get overwhelmed with the abundance of options and the fact that they are all “the best” in the industry.  In my opinion, especially when shopping for shampoo and conditioner, my perfect formula may not be in a product created for everyone.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 5.09.34 PM

Recently I came across a custom hair care company that was immediately intriguing.  Being able to customize products to meet my personal hair care needs is beyond a dream come true so I ordered my own blend right away.  I was impressed by the entire experience.  The initial questionnaire pointed out factors I never considered when shopping shampoo systems.  In less than five days, my products arrived and I jumped in the shower right away. The first wash is always interesting because your hair needs a chance to get used to new goods, but by wash 2 and 3, I was convinced.  I was going the longest I ever have been able to go in between washes, meaning my hair didn’t get greasy or flat. My curls were so defined when I dried my hair naturally and my blow dry was quick and easy when I wanted to smooth it out. The products are awesome!

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 5.09.13 PM

They are fresh on the market (only about a year old), their branding is flawless, their natural ingredients are sustainably sourced, AND they offer an easy club like opportunity to stylists.  I expressed interest with their team and within 48 hours I was on a call with one of the founders. I was then in email communication with the director of education and once I signed on we got on a call to get me ready to officially become a Co-Creator with Prose!

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 4.35.36 PM

Hair care customization is a new luxury and I can now offer this experience directly to you.  We can build your product together in salon, set up a call and you can purchase from home, or you can complete the questionnaire on your own!  Either way I am excited to connect you to this amazing line and a one-of-a-kind hair care formula made just for you!


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