Natural Skin Care under $40

I am so excited to share this post!!!  As you know, my beauty business buddy is a skin care guru whom I trust and recommend on a daily basis; Krista Spence.  She uses amazing products that smell delicious and leave your skin feeling perfect.  I am a huge fan of her product picks, especially because my skin is beyond sensitive and I react to just about everything.  As much as I wish I could, I can’t always afford the holy grail of products she hosts on a regular basis.  So, I have hunted for and finally found products I can use in between to maintain my healthy routine!


Like I mentioned, I have EXTREMELY SENSITIVE skin.  My skin reacts to random ingredients in products, foods and I swear sometimes even the air!!!  It makes things so hard for me, especially being in this business and wanting to try and love all the great products out there.  A few months back, after being so comfortable with a pricey set of products that were proven safe for me to use on the regular, I wanted to experiment with alternative options to save money once in a while.  While grocery shopping at Jimbos, I got brave and grabbed a few pieces that looked simple, safe and basic.  For my skin, less is more not only within the ingredients but also the packaging!  Once I got home and tested them, I was anticipating a dramatic breakout reaction, rash, or something, but NO! My skin felt clean, and smooth and there was no itchy, burning, or bumpy anything!  I went through an entire cycle (used until empty) with my budget friendly picks and still haven’t had any reactions!  Here is what I found…


Starting with face wash, “Tea Tree” rang a bell for me.  Because I am sensitive… I need my skin to literally be clean AF every morning and night.  Tea Tree in skincare has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Tea Tree Therapy Liquid Soap  also has soothing ingredients such as Chamomile and Elderflower so you can use it daily without drying out your skin.  My skin tingles a little when I am using it too, which I love because its refreshing and means circulation is happening!

I don’t have acne prone skin but anytime Krista has used a salicylic acid on me during a facial I have been obsessed.  I love the almost medicinal smell it has and the cooling feeling it gives my skin.  “Salicylic is good for dissolving oil under the skin like blackheads” says Krista.  The Home Health Brand Blemish Treatment has .5% Salicylic Acid so its gentle enough to use once or twice a day!

Toner is ALWAYS next and I LOVE anything rose. Heritage Store Rosewater was an easy yes for me because the smell is just delightful.  There are only two ingredients; purified water and Rose.  That is as basic as you can get and serves as my pre-moisturizer-calming-soothing spritz.

EYE CREAMMMMM!! Hydrating and treating your eye area is SO IMPORTANT!!  Our eyes have the thinnest skin protecting them and most times where we first see signs of aging.  The Sea-el Miracle Kelp eye cream is very rich in texture and that is a mega selling point for me.  If anything is oily on my face, it is my eye area.  The more hydration the better so even if you don’t try this particular product, just find something juicy and use it every day and every night!!!

Finally… Moisturizer to seal the deal!  This is where I get crazy… I LOVE moisture because I know it will help me have less wrinkles.  I am an SPF finatic and wont budget when it comes to that.  I use the Epircuren Xtreme Cream every day as a moisturizer before foundation.  But, for the sake of this budget-friendly post I will save SPF talk for later.  I am being 100% honest when I mention these next two options for moisturizer…keeping in mind I am the type that wants to be drenched in hydration which some people may not.  If not during the the day, I at the least recommend sleeping in something rich in moisture.  I use straight up Aquaphor or Now Solutions Vegetable Glycerin.  I like either of these options to not only hydrate, but also gently emulsify my makeup off before I cleanse.

Anyhow, I still incorporate my pricey product picks every other cycle or use them with my lower priced items just to ensure my skin is getting mega nutrients.  The products I have shared here may not work for you, but at least I have shared the concept of mixing up your routine if you need to save money every once in awhile.  My most important factors I shop for with skin care is clean skin and mega hydration!  If you do end up giving these products a try, I would love to hear what you thought!  Please share this post with anyone who may be searching for something similar and comment or DM with your feedback!


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