Showering in Blues… Blue Shampoo!

I know it sounds like a break-up song title, but I literally am talking about washing your hair with Blue shampoo!  Many of my clients are curious and I see more and more stylists advertising use of such products, so I think it’s time to help explain the concept and help determine if it’s right for you.

What are Color Infused Shampoos?  Exactly what they are labeled as they will do.  Red hair color clients LOVE a good color infused shampoo to help keep their tones rich and help color locked in longer.  The concept is simple enough for anyone looking to keep colors such as red or chocolate brown vibrant and rich.  Color shampoos can also be used to help cancel colors out.

In the salon, we use color to cancel unwanted pigments with professional products.  When highlighting dark brown hair, there can be remaining pigment ranging from yellow, orange or even red.  Colorists are trained to navigate through this but the products used to obtain your ideal color aren’t recommended for you to try at home.  This is where color infused shampoo systems can help.  I have to note that these are only to “assist” and not to “fix”.  Your professional should achieve your desired color in salon, and the color infused shampoos should be used to help maintain your color at home.


When determining what color you need to help counteract any unwanted pigments we fall back on the basics of color theory.  For example; if your hair has more yellow undertones, you will reach for a violet based product. Violet/Purple shampoo also works great for gray hair too! For brassy colors, orange or red-orange, you will need a blue based product.  The possibilities with color are endless, but the basics always stay true to the this theory.

Almost every hair care line makes a blue or violet shampoo to help keep highlights neutral and bright so it isn’t hard to find something you like.  Highlights can be affected by many factors after leaving the salon including minerals in water, excessive sun exposure or shampooing cleansing or even heat styling.  We invest a lot of time and money into having hair look amazing, it’s important to commit to using the right products at home to protect your color and maintain vibrancy.

I highly recommend…


Dynamic Blonde by Framesi Banish the brass! Keep your blonde/gray/white hair brighter & more refined, while keeping your color 95% longer.  I currently stock this in salon and offer a complimentary take home sample for newly highlighted clients!


You can even cocktail this product with an existing shampoo so it isn’t as intense.


Hope this post helped and please share with anyone you think could benefit from the info!  I am alway available for questions so comment below or email

Thanks for reading!


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