Day of Bridal Beauty Checklist

Over the years, I have found myself answering a lot of the same questions for brides who are preparing their beauty needs for their big day.  So, I have created a general list of helpful tips answering the most common questions.  I send this to all of my brides and ask them to share it with their bridal party to help get everyone confident for the day of.

Day of Bridal Beauty Checklist

1. Well Rested Face!  This may be hard to achieve when the night before the big day usually is the celebration before the celebration.  So if you drink a ton of water while you wine and dine, you won’t wake up puffy.  A major key is do low sodium everything the day/night before.  I highly recommend Diurex capsules to relieve bloating or excess water retention.
2. Arrive with clean skin but use your day time skin care as usual.  Dry skin types; try sleeping with Aquaphor Healing Ointment applied to the face as a moisturizer the night before.  You will wake up with a natural glow and your skin will feel super soft!  If your skin type tends to be oily when wearing makeup, do not use anything at all the day of.  If needed, spritz a toner to keep skin lightly hydrated between washing your face and arriving to your appointment.  I recommend the Evian Facial Water Spray or the  No7 Mineral Water Spray.
3. Skip any oil based makeup removers, especially around the eye area.  Last night’s mascara can’t hang at this party ;) but we also don’t want any oils to effect products used the day of.  We are starting early and need a fresh, clean, welcoming canvas.  I love the Neutrogena Oil Free Eye makeup remover.
4. Get your brows done! If it’s your first time, go a few days before and have your artist finish with Neosporin to prevent irritation.  Please arrive with well groomed brows… It makes such a difference!
5. Please bring any products you can’t live without.  Preference always wins between me and a client, so if there is a specific mascara, foundation etc. please tote it along.  My kit is loaded with products, but just in case you are sensitive to specific items we should have your back up available.
6. LIPS!  Hydrate the night before and morning of.  Once again, I love Aquaphor!  For color, I will apply pigment to finish the look, but i will not have lip products for you to use throughout the night. I recommend bringing your own lip color to use and carry to touch up with!
7. Lashes are always an option and I highly recommend letting me add them. I will have individuals and full strips available to add on, but if you want to try a longer lasting route, look into lash extensions!  They will be on for all of your wedding festivities looking and feeling so much more natural.
8. HAIR! Fine Hair Types: I recommend washing your hair the night before/morning of and allow it to air dry without using conditioner unless your ends are dry. We want to minimize oil or buildup and maximize texture for hold.  Textured/Wavy Hair Types: Please have hair washed and blown dry before arriving.  I always recommend just booking a blow dry the day before and avoid any flat ironing as well!
9. Extensions:  I am trained to work with and style all types of extensions.  If you have clip in extensions please make sure they have been washed, conditioned and laid flat to dry.  If you have purchased brand new hair, it is sold flat ironed straight so please wash and lay flat to dry.  This will help the curl hold better while heat styling.

10. No Red Eye!  We want your eyes looking crystal clear so use Visine prior to your appointment with me for makeup!

That pretty much covers all of the basics!  Hope this list was helpful and please email or text me with any questions!

Happy Wedding Day!     760.586.5821

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