Empowerment Makeover


Along the way we have been influenced by many of you strong women reminding us we can dream and succeed.

To say thank you, we are gifting an “Empowerment Makeover” to a special nominee! We invite you to take a minute and recognize a woman in your life who has influenced you in such a way.  You can nominate her by commenting below or direct messaging us on Instagram!  Just include her name and a few reasons how she has reminded you to believe in yourself. At the end of the month we will select a winner to receive;

1. Color
2. Cut
3. Custom Facial
4. Brow Shaping
5. Full Makeup to finish

This package is valued at $450!  Share our mission to spread the love and good luck to all of our nominees!


Angelina & Krista


2 thoughts on “Empowerment Makeover

  1. I’ve got a girlfriend (ali) who recently married Paul’s friend Ryan. Before that she was a single mom of 3 little girls, 7,6,3. She has scraped by on a medical assistant’s salary, and rarely is able to do stuff for herself. On top of all that, her house burnt down last year. How this woman has not broken down and cried every day is beyond me. So I hope she gets selected for your day of pampering. She needs it! (Especially since her last hair dresser just turned her hair orange.)

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  2. I’d like to nominate Jenn a Thomas, an amazing strong woman to go through so many hard life trials. As you know brain aneurism and brain surgery. Then
    Three difficult pregnancy and her courage to share about losing baby Chloe.

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