Silicone Beauty Blender to the Rescue!

Silicone Beauty Blender to the Rescue!

I am so excited to share my experience trying the Silicone Blender because I want everyone to get one!  I was so impressed and love all the benefits so read on for my Top 5 Reasons why you should own one.

  1. Helps your product go on silky smooth with a flawless finish.
  2. Made of a non-porous silicone, so it doesn’t absorb ANY PRODUCT and you will SAVE MONEY while getting the most out of your goods!
  3. 100% washable to prevent any bacteria buildup which could cause breakouts on the skin.
  4. The egg like shape makes it easy to apply product around the eyes and nose areas.
  5. You can use it with skincare products as well!

I will note to start with a small amount of product.  You will immediately notice how well product applies and find that a little goes a long way.  Your product might also appear more concentrated as there is zero absorption so just work in small circular motions or pat to evenly apply.


Make sure you are following me on Instagram to get details on how to enter!!

I will be giving away a handful of the Mirabella Silicone Blenders just because I am so into them and want to share the love!



Where to buy:






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