Girl On Film

I have been exposed to many different photographic opportunities and have helped create images that stimulate viewers.  I am the daughter of a photographer and may have inherited what most say “an eye” for imagery.  Beyond hair and makeup, I snap photos based on things I find memorable.  My friends can complain all day about me taking too many pictures, but in the end I will be the one providing all of the roasting material at each of our 80th birthday parties.  However, not all photos are embarrassing, I see happy moments and prideful moments and move just as quickly to capture those as well.

When working with digital photography, we are able to stream images directly through and see what we are creating as we go.  We can change lighting, add makeup, tame fly away hairs, alter outfits and truly cater to whatever is needed to help perfect the image.  Its like editing before the editing.  The convenience pays off in the end while quickly developing and providing crisp clean imagery.

Film on the other hand is something very new to me.  I have secretly appreciated all the disposable camera images I have collected over the years.  But other than that I really have yet to participate in any film worthy projects.  Until now…

I have always recognized the artistry and attention to detail a friend of mine has shared in photo and film.  I admire how there is a sense of intrigue and exclusivity to the why he captures a moment whatever it is.  Or maybe its just me and I find art in almost anything… ;)

Either way, he invited me to collaborate with him and his 35mm camera.  The whole process was so different.  From beginning to end it was a new experience.  We were just “testing” so there wasn’t a real goal for our time, but that is usually when the best products are created.  I packed up whatever I could envision as potential and headed to North Park to basically play dress up for the day.  I’m not used to being in front of the camera but I will be very honest and say it was a ton of fun!  Not that I am changing career paths or anything but I appreciate even more the work our models put in after spending a day before a lens.

A roll of film gives you 24-36 images, which means you have 24-36 chances to create something amazing.  He wanted to use natural light and that was what I think was the biggest difference in navigating through our session.  We had no extra flashes or reflectors so it was all unpredictable.  That was the best part… We had no clue what would work and what wouldn’t.  We let the creativity organically evolve through 5 outfits and then we waited.

24 hours later I was like beyond ready to see how it all turned out.  I’m so used to looking through images at the end of each shoot sharing screen shots or “sneak peaks” before my set kit is even packed up.  This wait was actually exciting.  As he started sending his favorites over I was so stoked!  They didn’t all come out magical but even the bad ones helped us recognize what we could have done differently.

As for the images we loved… I immediately appreciated the grain. The texture and light sensitive finish each photo had. There are filter kits you can use to make your iPhone photos look aged but this was so organic. My appreciation for film is newly found… Not that digital is bad or less impressive.  I just found the element of surprise so rewarding seeing us achieve something so cool.  I loved it.

You can see all of his work on Instagram.

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