Love Game

Here is a look at another collaboration we did… The concept came together great and we achieved an entire editorial spread to showcase the clothing and models.

Photography by Alvaro Quiala

Models; Cassandra, Chelsea with Aura Avenue and Sydney

Clothing provided by Vivian

Hair and Makeup was Me!

070416_NP_Chelse_SanClemente_ 503 copy070416_NP_Chelse_SanClemente_ 505 copy070416_NP_Chelse_SanClemente_ 510 copy070416_NP_Chelse_SanClemente_ 599 copy070416_NP_Chelse_SanClemente_ 684 copy070416_NP_Chelse_SanClemente_ 715 copy070416_NP_Chelse_SanClemente_ 719 copy070416_NP_Chelse_SanClemente_ 789 copy070416_NP_Chelse_SanClemente_ 797 copy070416_NP_Chelse_SanClemente_ 828 copy070416_NP_Chelse_SanClemente_ 856 copy070416_NP_Chelse_SanClemente_ 879 copy070416_NP_Chelse_SanClemente_ 979 copy070416_NP_Chelse_SanClemente_ 1091 copy070416_NP_Chelse_SanClemente_ 1104 copy070416_NP_Chelse_SanClemente_ 1121 copy070416_NP_Chelse_SanClemente_ 1155 copy

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