A Content Development Project

What is a “Content Development Project”?  For now it is exactly that… but specifically focusing on social media and branding.  We have been working to create a service that offers professional imagery for businesses to use in media. You bring the concept and we will create the content.  Our name is yet to be developed but our content is well on its way!   My father; photographer Alvaro Quiala, model Ivy Carnegie and I have been shooting for a few weeks to create examples of how we can easily turn an idea into imagery.  As of now, our content development project is moving via trade so let me know if you have an idea you would like to explore.

Here is a 70’s inspired spread we created for AuraAvenue

For hair; I used a Hot Tools 3/4″ iron to create a beach wave style.  I took many small sections and curled only the upper and middle areas of each section.  Makeup was kept simple.  I focused on a healthy coverage and natural contour to showcase her features.  For her foundation, I used MAC’s Studio Waterweight liquid with concentrated colors in their Studio Conceal and Correct Palette Light. Soft shadows and lashes were added to line and define her bright blue eyes.

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